Big Hair & Big Fish – Northland’s NEW Minnesota Mullet


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Jan 10, 2009
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Big Hair & Big Fish – Northland’s NEW Minnesota Mullet

Northland Fishing Tackle has brought out a new hair jig meant to get you that kicker fish for your 5-fish bag. The new Northland Minnesota Mullet, with big hair, lots of loft, and tons of action. The big-haired Minnesota Mullet has a big flowing mane of hair that lets the jig hover and push tons of water. The big hair of the jig is made of a synthetic fiber material that gives it a life-like appearance when worked through the water. It additionally adds a flotation to the jig, letting you hover the Minnesota Mullet over flats and weed beds with its pulsing hair teasing the fish. This makes it a great jig for targeting those suspended fish.

Northland lure designer, Sam Larsen, offers: “Most of the best fish-catching baits are simple in design. We took that direction with the Minnesota Mullet, which is made of three materials on a premium Northland Elite Series Mimic Jighead with 60-degree upward hookbend and heavy wire for solid hooksets. We utilized a unique, synthetic fiber with a lot of loft, buoyancy, and flow; a couple chicken feathers off the back that undulate like a trailer; and just the right amount of tinsel. Then you have the thread tied farther back on the jig hook shank so it’s really streamlined.”

The Northland Minnesota Mullet is built upon two sizes of the Northland Elite Series Mimic Jighead, ½ and ¾ ounce weights. As of now, it is available in four color patterns, Perch, Crappie, White, and Green Bluegill. With more patterns in the works to be released in the future. Each jig has an MSRP of $14.99 and are available now at Northland or any of their dealers.

“There is no other bass hair jig that hangs, pauses, breathes, and sheds water so easily, while remaining easy to fish. It gives the right suspending action while having a lot of material to push water—notify big bass of its presence—and really stimulate their lateral lines.”

Northland Tackle Minnesota Mullet Key Features

  • Big synthetic hair for plenty of action and flotation
  • Two feathers for additional action
  • Northland Elite Series Mimic Jighead
  • Two Weights – ½ Ounce, ¾ Ounce
  • Four Colors – Perch, Crappie, White, and Green Bluegill
  • Additional Patterns in the Works
  • MSRP – $14.99

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