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Blazer 210 versus Cobra 201d

Jul 8, 2012
Lebanon, Virginia, USA
Hi fellows. I need a little advice. I am selling my 20 ft Bullet and going to a heavier boat. I am looking at a couple of boats. I have looked at a 1999 Blazer 210 with a Yammy 225 3.1L EFI and also a 1999 Cobra 201 with a Merc 225 3.0L EFI. Wanted to know what you fellows can tell me about these two boats. I know that the 1999 Blazer is not composite, from talking to Blazer. I don't know about the 1999 Cobra...have heard some were and some were not. Wondered about your experiences with fishability, rough water ride, speed, etc. Also wondered about the dependability of the 2 motors. Any feedback would be appreciated.