Ever Heard of a "Slingshot" Bass Boat?


I loooove to fish and light the water on fire!!
Mar 5, 2012
floral city florida
My business partner and I just aqquired a 1987 17.5 ft. Slingshot Bass Boat with an older inline 6 cyl Merc tower of power motor on it. Motor runs and I know its worth a heck of alot more than we paid for the whole rig. I'm just wondering if it's worth fixing.:eek:

The boat has transom damage from previous owner hitting something hard in reverse. I'll leave this here for now, take some photos of the rig tomorrow and post them to see what y'all think. Other than the transom the boat isn't in too bad of shape. I'll post photo's tomorrow.

I thank anyone in advance who has any information on this rig they can share.:cheers: