KOTG 2019 Sponsorship


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Jan 19, 2012
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BBM admins,

It's almost that time again. With KOTG 2019 3 weeks away, Bassboatmagazine wants to continue to be a sponsor for the series. As most of you know from the past 2 seasons, a $25+ BPS gift card is donated once per month at every event (depending on how much money is donated) to keep our sponsorship active on their webpage and to display a BBM banner at every tourney on the sponsor wall. Kevin, I promise to send you a pic of the banner after round 1 buddy LOL....

I want to thank you guys who have contributed $5 per month in the past and ask you to send me your contribution for Round 1 of the 2019 season to my PayPal account so I can purchase the bass pro gift card the week of the tourney to raffle it off during the weigh in.

Please send $5 to my PayPal account: misterlaus3@yahoo.com. I think you can also send funds via my phone # 305 281 3622 to my PayPal account as well.

Thanks in advance boys....