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Lake Anna VA 7lb TOAD May 14


New Member
May 12, 2010
Lake Anna Va
This morning I met up with Darrin Clements & Brad Lamb. I fished with them about a month ago for Crappie. This time we were after Bass. Today makes the 4th time Darrin has fished with me this year. We started out mid lake looking for some bonus stripers, I spoke with John Hutchins this morning and he told me that he was heading to the Dike 3 area.

After about an hour we moved up lake to fish some shallow grass and work our way back down lake. I started around Duck in Hole Creek and Brad had a nice striper on a top water Redfin and prematurely released it. His heart rate was way up there for a few minutes, there is no larger rush than a big fish blowing up on top water!!!! A few minutes later, Darin said "I Got One", as i turned around to see what he had, we all realized it was a BASS. This fish also ate a Top Water Redfin. When the fish jumped, all it could get out of the water was its head. It never jumped again, the FAT GIRL just bull dogged all the way to the boat. After several high fives, she was in the live well and we returned to fishing.

I ran back down to mid lake and Darin quickly caught a keeper on a Tiger Shad Spinnerbait in Sexy Blueback Herring. A couple minutes later I caught one on a Zara Spook. We moved around to another mid lake creek and i had 2 fish come up on a Zara Spook and miss the bait. Darrin caught another keeper on a wacky rigged finesse worm and last another one. The lost fish would prove to be the last fish of the day. The sun started coming out and the wind started to pick up. It was time for a bacon cheeseburger back at High Point!!!! Darrin's fish measured
22 1/2" & weighed 7 pounds even!!!