Lake map suggestions?


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Jan 19, 2012
Miami, FL
Mako 21LTS Bayboat
Anyone using lake maps on their GPS units? I just purchased a Navionics HotMaps South Platinum card for my Lowrance Ti-9. One of my buddies told me it was the best one around. Hoping i made the right decision as this little addition to my GPS goes for $199. I did get a good deal on it with a 20% discount but dang, I could have gotten a new reel for that price. Daily community updates, enhanced sonar charts, 3D view and satellite overlay, panoramic lake pics, detailed depth contours, currents, tides, etc.... This chip is supposed to take my GPS to an all new level. Looking forward to seeing how it works at Lake Okeechobee in 2 weeks.

I would love to hear which ones you guys are using and what you like/dislike...