New and Improved Daiwa Saltist LW Reel


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Jan 10, 2009
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New and Improved Daiwa Saltist LW Reel

Just in time for the holidays, Daiwa is releasing their new and improved Daiwa Saltist LW reel series. Sporting a fresh new look and improved technological features, it’ll be sure to make a better time on the water. This new affordable levelwind trolling reel can do double duty either for deep trolling the Great Lakes for trout and salmon of off the coastal waters of the Northeast pulling bait and plugs for striper. This new revamped reel was built to be rugged and efficient, but at the same time still, look good under its crisp charcoal and blue finish.

These new Saltist reels were specifically designed for the big water action in the Great Lakes and saltwater applications. The reels offer a perfect combination of line capacity, durability, and performance with monofilament or braided lines. Built around a rigid aluminum frame and side plate, the gearing will precisely align even when the reel is under a lot of pressure. The Daiwa Digigear engineering makes sure that the gear meshing between the ultra-tough drive gear and pinion gears will stay smooth at its optimized speed. Add in the large reel handle and it completes the package for a smooth, quiet, and comfortable to fish reel.

“Our updated Saltist LW series of levelwind reels is built to take on the biggest, most determined fish in your waters,” says Daiwa’s Senior Marketing Manager, Marc Mills. “Although lightweight for their size, their strong aluminum frame serves as the solid base required to tighten down on lunkers gone wild. They also now feature Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD). This system employs an improved drag grease with low viscosity at rest that becomes more viscous the instant the spool begins to turn. The end result is a super-smooth drag with low initial inertia and the ability to slow or redirect a big fish when you need to prove that you’re the boss.”

“Charter captains also love them because inexperienced clients never have to fuss with thumbing the line evenly across the spool,” adds Mills. “That can be a real plus on bumpy days when the fish are hitting fast and furious.”
Daiwa Saltist LW Features

  • Aluminum Frame and Side-Plate
  • Light Weight Aluminum Spool
  • DIGIGEAR System
  • (ATD) Advanced Tournament Drag

Saltist LW reel is available in four sizes starting with the LW20 up to LW50 reel. All four of the models feature a 5-ball bearing design (2CRBB+2BB+2RB) for smooth performance and cranking. The reels is available in either a 6.1:1 or 6.4:1 gear ratio depending on the model. Depending on that gearing the retrieve rate is 35 or 47.2 inches per rotation. Line capacity starts at 12/420 to 40/310 for mono and from 40/260 to 50/630 for Daiwa J-Braid. Max drag is either 15.4 pounds for the LW20/30 or 20 pounds for the LW40/50, all the models have the same MSRP of $199.99.

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