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Sea-Doo Launches New Jet Ski Specifically Geared Towards Anglers; The 2019 Sea-Doo FISH PRO


Senior Fisheman
Jan 10, 2009
Craig, Colorado
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Sea-Doo Launches New Jet Ski Specifically Geared Towards Anglers; The 2019 Sea-Doo FISH PRO

Fishing has taken several different forms these days. You have your standard anglers who fish from bass boats, anglers who fish from shores or docks, and anglers who have turned to kayaks or paddle boards to wet a line. For this reason, companies have accommodated these users by creating a wide range of niche products directly targeted towards these hardcore anglers. Sea-Doo has officially jumped on the bandwagon, creating a jet ski specifically for fishing. Introducing the Sea-Doo FISH PRO, a “combination of excitement, versatility, passion into one complete package.”

Equipped with Garmin® Echomap® Plus 62cv Fish Finder, a LinQ
Fishing Cooler & (4X) Fishing Rod Holders, an extended rear platform, this thing is packed to the gills with all the gear you’ll need to spend hours out on the water and catch loads of fish.

An industry first, the FISH PRO is a combination of excitement, versatility, passion into one complete package. Explore all fishing locations, get closer to the action, and experience fishing like never before.

Below, you can read a complete list of specs and features the FISH PRO has to offer:

Feature Highlights

  • Garmin® Echomap® Plus 62cv Fish Finder: A top-of-the-line navigation, charting and fish-finding system using CHIRP technology for high definition images.
  • Fishing Seat: Optimized for ease of movement around the entire watercraft, and for better comfort and stability when facing sideways.
  • LinQ
    Fishing Cooler & (4X) Fishing Rod Holders: A spacious, quick-attach fishing cooler designed for easy access and equipped with numerous convenient features.
  • Extended Rear Platform with 2nd LinQ
    Attachment System: Adds 11.5 inches to the back of the watercraft to increase stability, space, and storage capability.
  • Angled Gunwale Footrests: Keeps you firmly planted, comfortable, and secure while fishing from a side position.
  • Trolling Mode: Gives superior trolling control at low speeds without using the throttle – simply set, maintain and adjust as needed.

  • Rider capacity: 3
  • Weight capacity: 600 lb / 272 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 18.5 US gal / 70 L
  • Storage capacity – Glove Box: 0.6 US gal / 2.5 L
  • Storage capacity – Front Bin: 26.5 US gal / 100 L
  • Storage capacity – LinQ
    Fishing cooler: 13.5 US gal / 51 L
  • Storage capacity – Total: 40.6 US gal / 153.5 L

  • Length (bumper to bumper): 147″ / 373.4 cm
  • Width: 49.4″ / 125.5 cm
  • Height: 44.9″ / 114 cm

  • Type: ST3 Hull
  • Material: Fiberglass
Rotax® Engine

  • Rotax® Engine: 1503 NA
  • Intake system: Naturally aspirated
  • Displacement: 1,494 cc
  • Cooling: Closed-Loop Cooling system (CLCS)
  • Reverse system: Electronic iBR®*
  • Fuel type: 87 octane
  • Throttle System: iTC
    (Intelligent Throttle Control) system
  • Exhaust System: D-Sea-BeI

  • Type of Gauge: 7.6″ Wide Digital Display
  • Main Functions: Speedometer, RPM, Clock, VTS
    Display, Water Temperature, Vehicle Hour Display, Sport Mode, ECO® Mode, Trolling Mode (Slow Mode), Speed Limiter

  • Dry weight: 856 lb / 389 kg
Additional Features

  • iControl®
  • ECO® Mode
  • Fishing Seat
  • Split Seat (2 parts)
  • Ergolock
  • Seat Strap
  • High-Performance VTS
    (Variable Trim System)
  • Boarding Ladder
  • Ski Tow Eye
  • RF D.E.S.S.
  • Direct Access Front Storage
  • Watertight Phone Box
  • LinQ
    Attachment System
  • Wide-Angle Mirror
  • Handlegrip with Palm Rests
  • Footwell Carpets
  • Large Swim Platform
  • Tow Hook

  • BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for one year.
Fishing Package

  • Garmin® ECHOMAP® Plus 62cv Fish Finder
  • Fishing Seat
  • LinQ
    Fishing Cooler (13.5 US gal / 51 L)
  • Extended Rear Platform wtih 2nd LinQ
    Attachment Sytem
  • Angled Gunwale Footrests
  • Storage Bin Organizer
  • Trolling Mode (Slow Mode)
  • 4 x Fishing Rod Holder
  • 18.5 US gal / 70 L Fuel Tank Capacity

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