The New PROREX XT Muskie Rods from Daiwa


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Jan 10, 2009
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The New PROREX XT Muskie Rods from Daiwa

Daiwa is bringing out their new series of musky rods the PROREX XTs. This is in part of Daiwa’s continuing commitment to anglers targeting northern pike and musky, and their tackle needs. The PROREX XT series consists of four rods and covers the basic needs of anglers chasing after these freshwater “apex predators”. The four new casting rods consist of a one-piece heavy power 7’6” rod, a telescoping heavy-action 8’6″ rod, a telescoping extra-heavy-action 8’6″ rod, and a telescoping extra-heavy-action 9’5″ rod. All four of these rods have been designed to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of both novice and veteren muskie anglers alike.

“The telescoping feature on the 8’6” and 9’ PROREX XT rods – and their $99.99 price tag – put them in a category not found in the musky tackle world,” notes Brad Olson who handles DAIWA’s sales efforts with tackle shops throughout Wisconsin. “Those days of short pool stick rods are long gone once anglers realized the advantages longer rod provides for figure 8’s and casting bigger lures to cover more water. But until now with these new PROREX XT, anglers only had the choice of rods $250 and higher that could provide them with the telescoping feature.”

Daiwa PROREX XT Muskie Rods Key Features

  • SeaGuide SLRAG Guides
  • Telescopic Design (Select Models)
  • Full Cork Foregrip/Rear Grip
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • MSRP – $99.99
  • Available soon

The PROREX XT Muskie Rods are all made from durable graphite composite blanks. The guides are a set of SeaGuide SLRAG guides matched with a carbide tip-top for durability and performance. The grips are made from natural cork for all-day casting comfort for anglers. The hook keeper has been specially designed for targeting muskies, made to handle big swimbaits like Daiwa’s large profile PROREX Bessie. The PROREX XT rods will match up well with any of Daiwa’s larger capacity baitcasting reels. From the Lexa and PROREX TW 300 and 400 size low profile reels, to the Millionaire Classic 300 size round reel. That way anglers have the option to start chasing muskies with a sub-$200 rod and reel combo or step up into the high end easily.

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