The NEW Workman-Like Kryptek Fillet Knife from EGO


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Jan 10, 2009
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The NEW Workman-Like Kryptek Fillet Knife from EGO

The price of a fillet knife has an insanely wide spread, from the two-dollar stamped steel special in a bucket on the check-out counter at your local tackle shop to $200 semi-custom pieces made of forged specialty stainless steels and exotic handles of sculpted G10 or Antler. With so many fillet knives to choose from, and all with highly varying prices, it is enough to put any angler into analysis paralysis on making a choice for their new fillet knife. EGO Fishing now has a budget answer for anglers with their new Kryptek Fillet Knife, it’s a new solid and sharp option that won’t cost you a right arm at $20 a knife. A Kryptek Fillet Knife is a blend of high-end kitchen cutlery with an air of a workman-like utilitarian design combined to be the ultimate go-to fillet knife.

The new Kryptek Fillet Knife comes with a titanium-coated steel blade, the coating to make sure corrosion, especially in saltwater environments, does not occur to the blade. The grip of the knife has been rubberized for a No-Slip-Grip that makes sure you have a solid hold on your knife even with wet or slimy hands. That way anglers can have a safe time when filleting their catch. The EGO’s Kryptek Fillet Knife comes bundled with a poly sheath to protect the knife edge, as well as your hands and gear. The fillet knife comes in at 11.5 inches, a great size for being a versatile blade for a wide range of fish species and sizes. Make space in the knife block for the new EGO Kryptek Fillet Knife and maybe grab one for the boat too considering the price.

The new Kryptek Fillet Knife pattern from EGO Photo Courtesy of EGO
The NEW Workman-Like Kryptek Fillet Knife from EGO


  • Titanium-coated blade to prevent corrosion
  • Poly sheath for blade protection
  • No-Slip-Grip handle for outstanding grip security
  • Kryptek camo technology
  • Size: 11.5” x 2” x 1”
  • Available NOW
  • MSRP $19.99

To see the new EGO Kryptek Fillet Knife please click here, To see more information about the many other EGO Kryptek Fishing products, please click here.

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