Z-Man’s NEW ElaZtech Friendly ZWG Worm Hook


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Jan 10, 2009
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Z-Man’s NEW ElaZtech Friendly ZWG Worm Hook

Anyone who has fished with any of Z-Man‘s ultra-durable soft plastics knows that ElaZtech superplastic is completely different from all other soft plastics available on the market. It’s softer yet still 10 times more durable than other PVC soft plastic baits, but with this durable soft plastic, the texture difference makes rigging a little more specialized. While traditional worm hooks and jigheads work, Z-Man has brought out a new terminal tackle option that makes rigging an SMH WormZ or Big TRD tons easier, the new ZWG Worm Hook. The new extra wide gap worm hook aligns, grips, and holds ElaZtech soft plastics in place. Making for quick and easy rigging that doesn’t require any superglue or specialized methods of locking soft plastics in place. The front Conical Molded Plastic Keeper will grab into the nose of the plastic to keep it from slipping down the hook, while the rear silicone bead will lock down the back of your soft plastic up against the hook point.

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“At Z–Man, we’ve always been about creating potent hook-softbait systems that take your presentation to the highest levels possible,” notes Z–Man director of product development, Jose Chavez. “Every bait we make matches up to a corresponding hook or jighead, which elevates the angler’s on-the-water success. Likewise, the new ZWG Worm Hook eases the process of Texas rigging ElaZtech soft plastics, keeping your bait arrow-straight and pinned tightly to the hook for the long haul.”

These custom medium wire EWG hooks will be available in 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 sizes, and come with a corrosion-resistant black nickel-plating. The hook point features a dual-tapered point that will stay sticky sharp, so you can slide it easily into the jaw of a bass all day every day. Expect to see these hooks hit store shelves in the middle of September this year.

“The new ZWG hook immediately boosts angler success, simply by shortening rigging time and effort, keeping baits locked perfectly in place for the long haul,” notes Chavez.
Z-Man ZWG Worm Hook Key Features

  • Custom medium wire extra wide gap hook
  • Available in 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 sizes
  • 2 Bait Keepers – Conical Molded Plastic Keeper, Silicone Bead
  • Corrosion Resistance Black Nickel Finish
  • Available – Mid-September 2024

Photo Courtesy of Z-Man

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