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bass boat

  1. Kevin

    Bass Boat Wakeboarding

  2. kipp

    2019 Triton 21TRX Patriot

    Triton 21 TRX Patriot..Their Flagship 21 ftr..Triton boats prices are pretty reasonable in comparison.Still a fan even though i don't have one anymore.Ran my Tr186 with 150 for 7 years and sold it for only $4,000 less than i paid for it..
  3. kipp

    Bullet 21 XRS

    Don't really know what year model the 21XRS here is..Looks 2018 or earlier..i know bullet sponsored Pro Andy Morgan in this boats several years back..coarse he loved it. The 21XRS will answer any needs of the tournament angler, recreational fisherman or boat enthusiast. It is THE...
  4. kipp

    Xpress Pro Series

    Going to be tough to knock Xpress Of the top step for Aluminum in Performance....I see it coming..
  5. kipp

    Skeeter Boats....History

  6. kipp

    2019 Skeeter FX 20 Apex

    The FX series from Skeeter is their top of the line Models.Yamaha owns Skeeter so the SHO Motors are the pre rigged choice.Here is an over view of the new FX 20 Apex layout..
  7. kipp

    Triton 179 TRX

    Tritons smallest Fiberglass Hull..179 TRX.I could fish this at my Home lake all day long..It Wasn't that Long ago that all Tournament boats were this size..
  8. kipp

    2019 Vexus AVX 2080

    2019 Vexus AVX 2080 Fiberglass Infused "Hybrid" Hull.It falls under the catagory Of An Aluminum .This is what Vexus is offering right now in a 20'2" 200 HP Rated Hull.It has a 95 "Beam..It's a pretty interesting boat.I read a little about this hull that was displayed at The 2019 Bass Masters...
  9. kipp

    2019 Phoenix 721XP

    This is the Phoenix Hull that basically made the name for the Company..More 721s sold than any other of their hulls for years..
  10. kipp

    Earl Bentz Opens Caymas Boats

  11. kipp

    2019 Ranger Z518C

    Rangers highest End 18ftr. The Z518C with a Mercury Proxs 200 4 Stroke...Very nice....$55.000..
  12. kipp

    Triton 20 TRX Patriot

    The list price on this Triton 20 TRX Patriot is $54,000 and some change..That is a pretty good price for a 20 ftr loaded up..
  13. kipp

    Bass Cat Sabre FTD info

    Overall, Probably the best built 18ftr on the water..At 18'1" The sabre is 5 to 7 inches shorter than other 18s, but has them beat in fit,finish and performance..to me anyway.. at 1215 lbs, and rated for a 175 it can be set up for a 70 mph ride...awesome.. The Sabre FTD is a perfect...
  14. kipp

    Bass Cat Boats Eyra/300 R Mercury

    2019 Bass Cat Eyra with 300 Mercury V8 R...Whoa.!
  15. kipp

    2019 Nitro Z19 Pro

    I can Honestly say that the Newer Nitro Boats have my favorite front deck..Nitro has got this figured..Especially the Z17 and 18..Its the width as one moves closer to the bow..Im a fan of all bass boats basically, so i don't pic apart one brand or another ..Some details that i might wouldn't...
  16. kipp

    Charger 210 Elite

    Ive always liked charger Boats.Ive noticed that Charger has been coming back stronger into the Game, with a display in the 2019 Bass masters Classic..Our own Kevin (Bassboatmagazine) "Big Bass" Ran a charger boat...Cool. Their Flagship hull is the 210 Elite..Best of Luck Charger Boats!
  17. kipp

    2019 Ranger Z 520c

    2019 Ranger Z520c..Their most popular Bass boat for some time now..Basically Ranger's flagship..This and the Z 521..They keep on selling them..Keep on making them. This boat in the short Video is called in the color code as .."Blackout"..
  18. kipp

    Xpress Bass Boat

    Xpress Bass Boats are known as the top of the food chain for Aluminum Hulls..Their claim to fame is called the Hyperlift Hull..It is a pad v like a fiberglass Bass Hull that gets lift and Performance out of a tin Rig...But there is a new kid in town called Vexus boats...I will post something on...
  19. kipp

    2019 Phoenix 618 Pro

    My favorite 18fter..Phoenix 618 with the new mercury Four Stroke 175 Pro XS..Love to have one.! This exact color combo.