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  1. Kevin

    Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion

  2. Kevin

    Custom Built, All Electric Bass Boat

  3. Kevin

    Phoenix Bass Boat 921

  4. Kevin

    Bass Boat Restoration Project - 30 Day Face Lift

    This is more of a make over then a restoration. Items tackled where new carpet, deck extension, troll tray, onboard charger, new spare tire carrier, new seat posts, and fin repair.
  5. Kevin

    Who made Javelin Boats ?

    Just curious if anybody has some history on these boats?
  6. Kevin

    Triton 21 TrX

  7. Kevin

    Ranger Z521c

  8. Kevin

    Bullet 21 XRS

  9. a70suprbrd

    Running in rough water with a bass boat

    Dose anyone (with a bass boat) run enough rough water that they are using a 4 or 5 blade prop? I have a 1996 Stratos 201 Pro XL DC with a 2009 Evinrude 225 HO, and on occasion I run in 4' plus conditions. I know that on Lake Erie some use this setup. I am curious as to how well this works out...
  10. Kevin

    Average Wait Time on Boat

    What would you say is an average time to order a boat from a manufacturer till the date it is delivered to you? 3 Months? What is your experience?
  11. kipp

    Legend, All Lit Up

    I would probably snag that spare tire driving around at Wal Mart..
  12. Kevin

    Bass Boat Hitting A Wave

  13. Kevin

    Cleaning Your Boats Carpet

    A two step process that cleans your boats carpet and protects them from future spills and stains.
  14. Kevin

    Blonde Girl Learns To Drive Bass Boat

    Blonde Girl Learns To Drive Bass Boat (How To Plane And Trim Your Bass Boat)
  15. B

    bassboat wanted!!!

    Looking for a bassboat, no older then 2010 with 3 seats, 150-200hp motor with less then 200hrs, have about $20,000 to spend for the right boat
  16. Laus3

    Steering wheel getting hard to turn

    Thought it was the colder weather but i was told I need to lube the steering rod in the back. Any suggestions? I've had the boat 4 years and have never lubed the steering rod area. Do you grease it internally or just lube around the rod area. FYI... Using a 2 stroke Mercury 90 with cable steering.
  17. bass2reds

    Did anyone ever hear of this?

    When I was much younger I was coached by a bass pro who fished the Megabucks tournaments and he had a sweet Cobra bassboat with a 200 Merc. He used to put Aviation fuel in his tank because due to all the airboats in So. Fla it is available at the ramps. He used to say the octane is really high...
  18. Kevin

    1994 Ranger Bass Boat

    1994 Ranger Bass boat.......175HP!!!!! This is a 1994 Ranger Bass Boat for sale. It is in excellent condition for how old it is. The motor is a 175hp Evinrude that looks and runs like new. We went through the entire motor and replaced the following: 1. Seals on the lower unit. 2. Impeller...
  19. B

    Bass Boat LED Lighting

    Hi, I have a 2013 STRATOS 176 VLO and I'm looking at installing LED lights in the center rod locker and the 2 front storage compartments and possibily something under the console. There are 2 companies that look like they have good products Blue Water and MFILEDS. Any suggestions on color? Would...
  20. L

    Laser basser rebuild

    Started out to just replace the carpet and check out the steering. Became much more. Took the cap off and discovered the transom was bad...bigger project. While the cap is inverted, might as well take care of the birds nest the wiring had become since 85 and several previous owners as well...