1. Kevin

    Boats For Sale Forum

    I have now added a new forum under "The Trading Post" category. "Boats for Sale"
  2. Kevin

    Skeeter boats - Good or Bad

    How are they doing, they seem to make a quality boat, but with so many boat manufacturers out there, will Skeeter still be around in 10 years?
  3. Kevin

    Boat Dealerships / Get Listed

    Boat Dealerships / Get Listed in our Dealership Directory, Its Free!
  4. Kevin

    Astro Boats

    Does anybody have the history of these boats?
  5. Kevin

    Crestliner Boats

    What are the pro and cons?
  6. 89kingbee

    bumble bee restoration

    well i have been working on doing a complete restore on a 87 bumble bee i got the boat for nearly nothing so i figured why not. well i got the boat home here is day 1 i removed the trolling motor so that i could re wire it. i have pulled out the carpet. i have also removed the rub rail and the...
  7. Kevin

    2016 Bass Boats

    Boats Owners: What do you think will be the new innovations for the 2016 boats? I remember when rear ladders were the big thing, how about those trolling motor recess trays! I know we always concerned with the weight of our boats (Lead Sleds) and the size of our motors, do you think our boats...
  8. gonefishing7903

    Arizona Record Bass

    SPECIES NAME SIZE, LOCATION, ANGLER AND DATE Bass, Hybrid Striped 2 lb. 13.76 oz. 18.5 in., Lake Pleasant Ray Gilmore, Peoria 10/29/13 Bass, Largemouth 16 lb. 7.68 oz. 28.0 in., Canyon Lake Randall E. White, Mesa 4/22/97 Bass, Rock 0 lb. 12.96 oz. 10.25 in., Upper Verde River Eric Woolsey...
  9. Kevin

    Bass Hawk Boats

    What can you tell us about them? Are they still around around? I heard they were a quality boat............I just dont know much about them.
  10. Kevin

    Alumacraft Boats Likes and Dislikes

    What are the up and downs of Alumacraft.
  11. Kevin

    Ready to go for the weekend?

    Ready to go for the weekend?
  12. Kevin

    Do They Still Make Vipers?

    Last i heard, some guy owned the molds and thats about it! Any inside scoop on them?
  13. nitro paul

    800 watt stereo in z6 waking up sleeping fish

    2015 z6 twin 400 amp power amps 4 400 watt speakers hidden in back Storage unit stereo hidden in rod locker
  14. gonefishing7903

    Falcon Bass Boats

    Looks like ww may have a new boat company. I wish them succes, we need more boat companies not clones
  15. Kevin

    Blazer Boats

    If you need to contact Blazer Boats.......... Here is their home page:
  16. B

    Bullet Finishes #1 back to back.

    Andy Morgan won the flw angler of the year for the 2nd straight year. Bullet sponsored Andy last year which was the first year they sponsored a fisherman in one of the Big boys tours. Pretty good record 2-2 and Bullet only had one shot to do it with each year and that was Andy. I know the...
  17. B

    pro xs versus hpdi and sho

    I couldn't find an outboard motor debate forum so I figured I could post it here and if need be redirect the thread. Alright guys an honest poll on who makes the more reliable, faster, preferable outboard. Lets try to avoid the bashing too just based on experience with both as far as warranty...
  18. genxer36

    West Virginia - Fishing License Information

    The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources fisheries management programs are designed to provide a variety of fishing opportunities and experiences for anglers. Purchasing A License Licenses may be obtained as follows: At over 350 retail agent locations throughout the state and...
  19. genxer36

    Washington - Fishing License Information

    License Fees Online Purchase
  20. genxer36

    Virginia - Fishing License Information

    The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, and the are proud to offer you online hunting and fishing licenses. Purchase licenses online for yourself and for others and receive them via email. Purchase online