1. genxer36

    Georgia- Fishing License

    The last few years Georgia has made the fishing & hunting licenses available for purchase online. (I always photocopy my license & keep one in the boat, one in my wallet, & one in a file folder) When you go to the store to purchase the license, they use this same website...
  2. Basshawk

    Iowa Fishing License Information

    Here is a link to the Iowa DNR Online License Sales Site: You can find the complete list of licenses available at: Special notes about this License listing: NR = Nonresident...
  3. Nichor02

    Mississippi Fishing License Info

    FISHING LICENSE (SALTWATER AND FRESHWATER) Resident - Each resident of the State of Mississippi ages sixteen (16) through sixty-four (64), fishing in the fresh or marine waters of Mississippi, including lakes and reservoirs but NOT to include privately owned ponds and streams, shall be...
  4. 9

    How about those Bumble Bees?

    Just wanted to get something started since us Bumble Bee guys are few and far between. What's out there and where? any pics? I am just getting started so I will have pics on here soon hopefully.

    History Of Stroker Boats

    I was thumbing through the pages of the internet and stumbled across Stroker site. Come to find out they went ahead and did the history chasing right there for you. Ok so for some of you go fast fella's here is some good reading on those fine boats In the mid 80's,founder(Chub Bryant) got...
  6. S

    Legend bass boats???

    Anybody have any experiance in a Legend bass boat?? A friend of mine was looking for used boats and came accross some Legend Alpha series bass boats. I saw a few pics of them and they look pretty good, but as you all know pictures can be decieving.
  7. Kevin

    7 Of The World's Fastest Fishing Boats

    We take seven of the world's fastest bass boats and go fishing. Photos by Skip Gandy Published in the May 2002 issue. STROKER 21 Nail the throttle and the big Mercury 300X hooks up without a trace of cavitation. Three quick heartbeats with the bow in the air and the hull is...