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History Of Stroker Boats

Jan 16, 2009
SouthEast Arkansas
I was thumbing through the pages of the internet and stumbled across Stroker site. Come to find out they went ahead and did the history chasing right there for you.

Ok so for some of you go fast fella's here is some good reading on those fine boats

In the mid 80's,founder(Chub Bryant) got to looking for a big HI PERFORMANCE Bass Boat. Which he found did not exist, peoples opinion was, it had to be small to run fast. He didn't get the nickname (Chub) by being small. During his search he found that a lot of people were interested in the same product.
In the late 50's earlY 60's he was a drag racer, in the mid to late 60's, he ran a round track dirt car, then went to asphalt, In the 70's he went to off road. During his search for a HI PERFORMANCE bass boat people said with the knowledge you have of performance, why not design your own boat?

Living in East Tennessee, where the HI PERFORMANCE pad bass boats originated , the speed was there. What he had to do was to figure out how to make a big boat FLY, but that wasn't all. It had to ride well in rough water ,handle in turns, set level in the water. It must be stable walking from side to side, easy to drive, and carry a full tournament load, (simple) after two years and thousands of man hours the hull design was completed.

Then came the deck which was fairly easy. The deck needed to be very fishable, the rod boxes and the dry storage boxes need to be very accessible, both fishing from the boat, and loading and unloading fishing gear while on the trailer. The seating arrangement he took from his old 58 corvette. The console needed to be wide enough to get both feet under, and high enough to flow the air over you without a big ugly windshield. The rake in the front section was knowledge gained during his racing days. Then came the idea of the POP-UP front depth finder which keeps fishing platform clear and out of the way when not in use. When it was all put together, you had the Ultimate, Long, Wide, Sleek BASS BOAT, without a name.

The way it got its name was during his DRAG RACING DAYS, he had one engine that was very competitive, and he had another engine that had been STROKED. When he went racing, you could hear people say ,wonder if chubs got the STROKER in this week. Kevin, Chub's son, has spent numerous hours on the HULL design and has gained 4 MPH without changing the handling characteristics. Some day someone will say, we are as fast as a STROKER, but not for long.

Our goal at STROKER is not to build the most, but to build the worlds finest. You can only build the best, if you have the best design and use the finest material, for that design. Our STROKER is 100% HAND LAID of 100% COMPOSITE materials, and AME 4000 resin. NO ONE BUILDS A BETTER BOAT PERIOD.