1. gonefishing7903

    I Think I Have a Problem

    So I admit I don't fish like I used to. When I do go I feel guilty that I should be devoting that time to my horses. That didn't stop me from ordering $500 worth of new reels (I did get them BOGO though, kept three and gave one to Dad). Now to be fair I did sell 7 old reels, extra soft...
  2. Kevin

    Catch 5x MORE Fish Using A Jig

  3. Kevin

    Bait and Tackle Shops

  4. Kevin

    How to Tie a Carolina Rig

  5. Kevin

    Does Size Matter ?

    Does the size of your lure dictate the size of bass you might catch? What are your thoughts?
  6. Kevin

    Stick worm magic

    The first time I saw a stick worm I chuckled. There was no way a respectable bass would eat such a stupid looking soft plastic.It didn’t take long to find out I was wrong. That seemingly do-nothing worm shows off its unique fish-catching attributes the minute it hits the water. Continue reading...
  7. Kevin

    Whopper Plopper - River2Sea

    Whopper Plopper River2Sea. Check out the Whopper Plopper features and uses in this tackle review.
  8. B

    One Lure Only

    Pick the one lure you have to use forever. Color, size and why. Me: Black Neon Hula Grub on a 1/2 oz football jig head, no weed guard. I can pitch it, drag it, swim it and burn it like a top water. I fish it at night and day. More bass, northerns and walleye than any other lure for me.
  9. Kevin


    $10.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jan-3-2016 11:53:15 PST Buy It Now for only: $30.00 Buy It Now | Bid now | Add to watch list Continue reading...
  10. Kevin

    Fall is here : Big Bass Color ?

    With fall in the air, what would you say would be your "Go To" Color for Killer Big Bass
  11. Kevin

    Love this Color from Shredlife Fishing Company

    Shredlife Fishing Co. 1 hr · Strike a pose - shredlifefishing.com
  12. Kevin

    Bumper Stumper Lures

    Anybody Heard of them? They Look sharp! http://www.bumperstumper.com/
  13. Kevin

    Changing the profile of a Buzzbait

    Jacob Wheeler has some tips on buzzbaits: http://bit.ly/1jfLF0e FLW Fishing: Changing the Profile of a Buzzbait Fishermen are starting to catch on to the importance of profile when using buzzbaits, especially in the fall when the fish are more particular. When you’re fishing a buzzbait and...
  14. genxer36

    Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper review

    Reef Runner Tackle Co.,Inc P.O. Box 450 Marblehead, OH 43440 (419) 798-9125 http://www.reefrunner.com/ Class: Crankbait Lure: Little Ripper Color: Green Flash Total Body Length: 4 9/16” Wgt: ¼ oz. Line: 12 lb. Fluorocarbon Reel: Spinning Rod: Graphite...
  15. Nichor02

    SPRO Little John

    I would like the thank SPRO LURES for allowing us here at BBM the oppurtunity to do a field trial on their Little John crankbait. I spent Saturday at the lake, and was able to do field trials on several items for the BBM Product Reviews. The SPRO Little John is one of the lures I tested. The...
  16. Aussie

    Lucky craft lures

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="90%"><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%">Product Reviews: Lucky Craft <!--webbot bot="Include" u-include="byline.htm" tag="BODY" startspan -->By Russ Bassdozer <!--webbot bot="Include" endspan i-checksum="1928" -->It's fair to say Lucky Craft...